Case Studies

Toyin’s Story

In October 2015, Toyin began to access education through Eagle’s Nest. In January 2020, aged 17, he spoke to a room of 200 business professionals to explain how Eagle’s Nest has helped him. See his story in the film below:

Maria’s Story

Maria was adopted out of a difficult background, but it didn’t work out, and she was returned to the care system as a young adolescent. This devastating start to her life resulted in her feeling such low self-esteem that she became a serious self-harmer and often went missing and engaged in risky behaviour. She struggled in any school setting, and was permanently excluded when she was 14.

Maria took part in our Spa Day project, and began gradually to widen her circle of trusted adults and learn how to deal with problems calmly. She felt so secure with us that she requested to take part in another of our projects. The Martial Arts  and Home Cooking course has led to her achieving the BTEC Level 2 Award in Home Cooking Skills, and she’s not bad at martial arts either.

Maria is now living independently and making plans for her future.

“She has become more confident and wants to try new things and does not give up or run away so easily without trying.”