We offer training packages to schools, professionals, parents and carers.

Our packages support those working with young people who have faced adversity in childhood.

This focusses on using trauma-informed approaches to provide the best environment for the young people to thrive in.

Options range from one-hour introductions to full-day packages. We also offer a ten-week recovery programme that supports parents who may have faced adversity in their own childhood, and helps them build the skills to support their own children.

Some of the training courses available are:

The Impact of Childhood Adversity on the Developing Brain (1 hour)

The Impact of Childhood Adversity on the Developing Brain – What Does That Look Like in My Classroom? (2 hours)

Trauma-Informed Approaches in Schools (Introduction – 1 hour; expanded – 2 hour; with application 3-5 hour)

ACE Recovery Toolkit for Adults – a 10-week (2 hours per week) programme helping parents/ carers to overcome their own Adverse Childhood Experiences and build their emotional capacity in order to support their children to thrive.

Please enquire for other courses.

“She stated that she was shown ways to work in a group and alone and how to express herself…She would have liked a longer course as she enjoyed it so much.”