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Professional feedback- EN 10th birthday event.

Bespoke Work

Available for secondary students in Years 7-11
What's involved?

Bespoke sessions are almost always delivered 1:1 and offer a huge flexibility to build the right programme for the individual involved.  Developing emotional regulation is always at the core of what we do and these sessions seek to build these skills through different learning experiences. Most sessions run for 2-3 hours.

Our most popular bespoke sessions work to build confidence and self-esteem, though many other skills are also gained along the way. Such sessions do not have a qualification attached and progress is often recorded using photos, notes and activities in a ‘scrapbook’. Many of our students have a 1:1 bespoke session to complement a group project they attend on a different day.

For those not yet ready to work in a group, specific subjects and qualifications can be taught. This includes most qualifications available through our group projects, along with tuition to help students prepare for specific exams, such as English and Maths GCSE.

Sessions are designed around the interests of the young person, so can be built around any suitable subject. These sessions seek to create positive learning experiences that help to increase confidence and prepare students for better engagement in learning opportunities.

Small group bespoke sessions are also possible if a referring agency has a group who would benefit from some focussed work together.