"Such an amazing, nurturing AP that really puts the students needs at its heart!"

Professional feedback- EN 10th birthday event

Partnership Delivery: Programming

This is a half day project delivered in three-hour sessions across a half term, in partnership with Burton YFC.
What's involved?

As students arrive they will be invited to make a drink before starting the session. Students will use LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Essential to complete hands-on investigation of STEAM concepts. They will use literacy, numeracy and social-emotional skills along the way, building elements to solve problems through storytelling.

The 3-hour session will start with students taking part in a group challenge, getting them to think logically and learn skills to help them to problem solve. Students will then use the given instructions to build a LEGO® model. We will then break for students to make their lunch. After this, students will come back to their models and create a programme for the models to work as intended. They will then be given different problems that require them to adjust their program to find new solutions.

Students will finish the session packing everything away and evaluating the skills that they have learnt.