"The individual package that was tailor made to suit the needs of the pupil were amazing. The pupil really developed and progressed with this approach and bonded well with her keyworker."

Education Welfare Officer via Alternative Provision Panel

Horse Therapy

This project is used for learners who are studying animal care long term. It enables them to experience a second farm setting, learn more about horses and experience some therapeutic sessions alongside the knowledge gained through the horse work.
What's involved?

Learners enjoy a game before making a packed lunch in centre. Worksheets are completed in the morning on this project, then learners head to the farm. The morning session focusses on therapeutic work that is led by the young person as they learn to interact with the animals and explore their own emotional state through their interactions. After a lunch break in the barn, often with a game of cards, there is a further session with the animals, this time more focussed on care and health checks. At the end of the day, learners return to the centre for some social time before finishing