Our Name

When an eaglet is first in the nest, there is lots of nurturing, then, at the right time, the eaglet must learn to fly. Initially, to encourage steps towards this, the comfort blanket of feathers is removed from the nest and then the eaglet will be nudged off the edge. As the eaglet free falls, the parent is there to swoop underneath and catch them, returning them to the safety of the nest. This process is repeated until the eaglet can fly, with the parent close by, ready to step in when things get tough. Eventually full maturity is reached and the young bird can leave the nest and is confident enough to fly safely alone.

This acts as a great metaphor for how we engage with the young people we support. Rooted in Christian values of love and acceptance, The Eagle’s Nest Project aims to meet young people where they are, to accept them for who they are, and to help them to discover and journey towards accepting, loving and believing that they are unique and have their own special gifting and qualities to offer this world.

Our History