Read our current strategic document to gain an understanding of the vision that underpins the work of Eagle’s Nest Project.

Our Vision

Our Clients

We work with 11-18 year olds who are unable to engage effectively with mainstream education as a result of:

  • significant childhood adversity (ACE score)
  • complex, traumatic life situations/experiences
  • social, emotional and mental health issues linked to the above


Our interventions aim to develop self-regulation skills, helping young people to move from the automatic fight/flight/freeze responses to higher level executive function in order to see them thrive within a mainstream school and society as a whole.

Our Values

Rooted in Christian values of love and acceptance of all, our values are:

  • Accept: We believe in accepting every young person as they are; no matter what their history, no-one gets turned away.
  • Belief: We believe that every young person brings a unique quality and has something positive to offer.
  • Relate: We believe that modelling positive behaviour is the best way for students to learn what they have not seen/experienced before.


Our core approaches are to:

  • Educate: leading to increased positive experiences of education
  • Empower: leading to the ability to make positive life choices
  • Relate: leading to improved levels of trust within relationships


All of our projects contain foundational components:

  • Life skills education
  • One-to-one support
  • Self-awareness and understanding
  • Parental support and communication