"A really flexible & creative, supportive provision which has made a difference for some of our most vulnerable youngsters. Thank you 😊."

Professional feedback- EN 10th birthday event.

Boys Group

The day starts with a hot or cold drink over a few of rounds of cards or other table-top game. Once learners have set their own targets for the day, the morning session, 'Sharpen', begins.
What's involved?

Sharpen is an emotions-based project, designed to support boys to navigate the challenges of growing up as a male in today’s society. Amid the ever-increasing pressures from social media and elsewhere, ‘Sharpen’ has been built to encourage reflection on negative male stereotypes and offer the young people an opportunity to explore who they really are.

Following the lunch break, where a selection of food choices are available, the science session begins. Learners will explore the world of firefighting and forensics via a different practical experiment each week. Through the development of a portfolio of work, there is an opportunity to gain a Level 2 Award in Science if all required elements are completed. Learners will need to attend for a full term in order to complete all of the experiments for this qualification.

Boys’ project provides much-needed guidance for the journey to manhood, as well as encouraging a love for science and the exciting world that it can open up.